About Me

My passion for photography started while I was in college. As a major in Architecture and Interior Design, it was almost necessary to own a camera to study the elements and principles of design.

My first camera was loaned to me by my father for a design project. It was a World War II vintage Voigtlander, very well kept which took fantastic photographs. Later, I bought my own 35mm and started making outdoor furniture catalogs.

With the success of the furniture catalog, other opportunities came along, expanding photography to photographing dogs and horses.    Then one day my passion for photography came to a halt when I lost a dear friend.  I lost interest in everything and locked away my camera.

It took me several years to recover and when I did recover, I didn’t go back to photography.  Instead, I went back to playing piano where I won several international competitions and awards.

I am an emphatic person with several talents besides photography.  I am also a fine art artist, as well as, a digital artist and an avid crafter.  I enjoy making jewelry, crocheting for friends and taking care of my dog who is battling Degenerative Myelopathy.

I am always busy, often more than I care to but never short of things to do. I realize that is just my nature and I have to learn to live with several ongoing projects.  I am dyslexic which is sometimes a double sword.  Highly intuitive and hard at staying focus on just one thing. Although it can get overwhelming, it is who I am and fighting it as I done in the past is just fruitless.

After my retirement from working in the import/export field, as well as property management, I have renewed my passion for photography and art.